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COSduty-SSA – Operations workflow management, privileged user management and security software for Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows®

COSduty-SSA is an advanced operations workflow management and security solution used by enterprises with an IT infrastructure incorporating Unix or Linux servers. It provides the following major benefits:

  • Improved security. A great number of administration and operational tasks carried out in a distributed systems environment, whether at the operating system, database or application level, are typically carried out by staff who need privileged access permissions. COSduty-SSA allows routines normally requiring such privilege to be encapsulated in a common GUI, and delegated to non-technicians to perform in a secure, audited environment without their receiving privileged access. Such a routine is then known as a 'duty'. Where privileged access is still required, users can be restricted to a pre-authorized subset of commands for a particular time on a particular system, with all keystrokes being audited.


Diagram of the COSduty Secure Shell Auditing (SSA) architecture



Figure 1 – COSduty Secure Shell Auditing (SSA) architecture


  • Reduced costs. UNIX and Linux in particular, and operating systems in general, provide a cryptic command line user interface to administration staff. For this reason, the great majority of administration tasks have to be carried out by expensive technicians. By encapsulating both simple and complex administrative and operational routines in COSduty-SSA 's GUI, and delegating the resultant easy to use duties to non-technicians using COSduty-SSA's workflow capabilities, work can be delegated in a controlled manner to more cost-effective staff such as help-desk. An average of some 60% of all administration tasks can be delegated in this manner.
  • Enforced best practice and standards. By encapsulating cryptic routines into COSduty-SSA duties and delegating them to staff according to an appropriate schedule, the duties will always be carried out as they were designed, at the time they were due to be run, with performance or non-performance audited. Standards and best practice can, therefore, be enforced.
  • Service level improvement. By encapsulating routines and delegating them to groups of staff to perform e.g. help-desk, the dependence on a few key individuals is removed. Errors are eliminated as technical knowledge is encapsulated rather than interpreted through a cryptic command line syntax. Manual tasks can be made accountable, arcane tasks can be rendered repeatable, and there is a bonus in that junior staff are made more productive.


Architecture overview

4 Follow this link for an overview of COSduty-SSA's architecture

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